A consultation is mandatory prior to making any custom gown, and a payment in full or 60% deposit (non-refundable, goes towards purchase solely at designers discretion). Our consultation (face to face or virtual) consists of  a designer and client discussion to understand the vision, selection of fabric options, garment details and drawing of sketches.

Please be advised that we encourage inspiration however any gown not designed by Daughters of Nonyelum cannot guaranteed to look 100% similar to the original design. We have a plethora of unique designers and designs to choose from and highly recommend.  Also note that client is free to change designs to their preferences at any time during the order process up until the Production phase. Once in the production phase changes can not be made to the design nor measurements. At this stage the order becomes final and additional fees will be administered should the design be changed.
Once a final design is agreed upon to the client’s satisfaction, the process is now ready for

Pre Production

Having concluded all designs and customization to be done in the work order, a invoice ( legal contract) will be drawn outlining price of the garment, details of the future garment, client personal information and measurements.
Once the invoice (contract) is sent, and deposit or full payment (deposit required will depend of the cost of the garment, full payment is required for garment at designers discretion, prior to any production begins) we are then ready to begin on the work order.  Please note Production will not commence on any order until all measurements have been received and the total deposit or payment have been made. Please note that due to the custom nature of our gowns, we do not accept exchanges, refunds or cancellations on any orders.

All sales are final. Once an order has been placed and payment has been made, all payments are applied to the making of your custom gown including securing the fabric from outside vendors and stopping payments already made to vendors is not possible. DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. Should you decide to cancel the order at any point in time all payments will be forfeited at cancellation.

We accept the following forms of payment:

Debit card

Credit card

Bank Wire Transfer

Cash app (fees apply)

Pay Pal (fees apply)

Please note that the client is free to change the agreed design at any time during the order process up until the Production phase. Once in the production phase no changes can be made to the design and to measurements (if the client gains/looses weight, additional fees will be charged to alter the garment). The order becomes final and irrevocable.

Our Gown Storage Grace period is 3months should you need to store your gown with us longer than 3months there will be a fee administered of $250-$500 per month until gown is picked up or delivered.


Production on multiple dress orders: For work orders on Bridesmaids dresses which typically have more than one dress in the work order, production begins on one sample. The sample will be made according to the Design Details Document/invoice. When production of the sample is complete, pictures of the sample will be e-mailed/What’s App’d to the client for approval before making the rest of the dresses.

Production on individual dress orders: For work orders on gowns which typically have only one dress in the work order, production begins on that one dress once deposit is paid in full. The dress will be made according to the Design Details Document/invoice. When production of the dress is close to completion, pictures of the dress will be e-mailed/ What’s App’d to the client for approval. The client can make minor revisions to the dress. Major changes including (but not limited to) fabric, color, size/measurements, design/style are not allowed during the production phase, if requested additional fees are applied.

Production Lead Time:
Please allow 3 to 6 months for the production of bridesmaids’ dresses and formal / evening gowns.
Please allow at least 3 to 9 months for the production of wedding gowns depending on the complexity, Wedding gowns are ready for final fitting and pickup or shipping at least 1month prior to wedding date.

Post Production

Post-Production services include:
Fitting: This service is rendered to clients able to appear in person at our showroom. The goal being to achieve a perfect fit. Clients unable to appear in person will have their dresses shipped to them at the address provided by the client.
Please note that all clients not able to fit their gowns in person at Daughters of Nonyelum Hollywood or Houston atelier will have their “first fitting” when they receive their gowns by mail and so they might require little or no alterations at all.
All Daughters of Nonyelum gowns can be altered easily by any professional tailor in the client’s location.

Balance Payment: The remaining 40% (forty percent) payment on the work order is due prior to the dress being picked up or shipped out. Please note that under no circumstance will any dress will be released to the client for pick up or shipping without the balance payment being made and confirmed. Any unpaid balances will result in pick up and shipping delays regardless of the original timeline agreed upon and regardless of the closeness to the event date. We will not be held liable for any delivery delays caused by the client’s inability to make full payment on account balances.

Delivery: After the client has made full payment on the remaining balance, we will confirm payment. Upon confirmation from us, we will contact the client to arrange a pick up date and time for clients preferring pick up services.

For clients preferring postal services, we will contact the client to provide a mailing address to which the package will be shipped.
International shipping is available at an additional cost regardless of the package booked. Expedited shipping (both Domestic & International) is also available at an additional cost to the client regardless of package booked. In the case where unplanned expedited shipping has to be made due to the client’s actions, the client will be solely responsible for 100% (one hundred percent) of the expedited shipping cost and will be billed prior to shipment being made. Once an order has been shipped or picked up, Daughters of Nonyelum will no longer be responsible for the order regardless of whether or not the order has arrived at its destination because a tracking number will be provided. The client releases Daughters of Nonyelun of all liability and responsibility immediately an order has been shipped or picked up.

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